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Why Inclusive iSTeM?

Today, students with and without disabilities are frequently taught together in the same classroom. The dual certification major strengthens the preparation of math and science teacher candidates to instruct all students – those with disabilities and without – who will be assigned to their classrooms. Traditionally, students with disabilities have had limited access to STEM education and careers. Recently, however, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and others have cited people with disabilities as an untapped source of personnel to fill STEM careers, advance innovation, and increase STEM competiveness in the United States.

Why MSU's Dual Certification MAT Program?

  • Focus on inquiry, innovation, and evidence-based best practices.
  • Traditional and non-traditional field experiences that are carefully supervised by highly qualified, fully supported mentor teachers.
  • A combination of on-campus, field-based, and carefully designed hybrid/online coursework.
  • Ongoing, high-quality mentoring, induction, and professional development for both preservice and experienced teacher-mentors, collaboratively supported by the project partners.