The “Restructuring Preservice Preparation for Innovative Special Education” (RePPrISE) Project prepares middle and secondary educators through three interdisciplinary strands of teacher preparation: inclusive pedagogy, intensive content area preparation in mathematics or science, and integrative STEM education. RePPrISE is funded by the 325T grant program of the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) of the United States Department of Education.

RePPrISE Project Goals:

GOAL 1: To prepare highly qualified prospective teachers for inclusive middle and secondary classrooms through a redesigned Dual Certification MAT program.

GOAL 2: To improve the quality and retention of new inclusive middle/secondary math and science teachers in the partner schools by engaging them in high-quality induction, professional development, and networking.

GOAL 3: To deepen the knowledge, skills, and commitment of experienced inclusive teachers, Montclair State University (MSU) faculty, and other key partners to improve student achievement in partner schools by engaging them in professional learning communities of mentor teachers, coaches, and teacher researchers who use data to improve instruction.

Inclusive iSTeM Framework:

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